ctrl+f for Your Video Content

Make your videos truly searchable
Our search indexes content by what was actually said or shown in the video allowing viewers to make google-like searches like ‘I’ll be back’ or ‘I have a dream’

Key Benefits

Improved SEO
Compared to other industries OTT and VOD websites receive less organic traffic from search engines, as the they only index textual information. Our solution enables search bots to better understand and index the video content, boosting organic traffic flow as a result.
Improved meta-data
As most of your current analytics and viewer insights still rely on meta information, we may dramatically enrich it by extracting additional contextual keywords.
Improved ad targeting
By providing you with more indexed meta-information we help to improve your ad targeting on additional keywords.

Key Features

Voice-to-text recognition
We recognise human language and transcribe it to make it searchable like a book or a news article.
Frame-by-frame image recognition
By using advanced image recognition algorithms we recognise what has been shown in every frame.
Actionable insights on viewer behaviour
We provide actionable insights on viewer behaviour to help you understand how consumers discover and interact with the content.
More than 90 languages supported
We are able to recognise speech in more than 90 different languages.
Assistance to content editors
We may provide actual video transcripts for your editors to create news articles or to pick the most important meta-tags for use in ad targeting or archiving.



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