Personalization Platform for eCommerce

Sell more with a personal touch
Personalized product recommendations that boost shopper engagement and drive sales
Shoppers who bought this also...
Increase revenue by cross and up-selling your Shoppers with the products they like.
Exceed Shopper expectations by switching from one-size-fits-all to the true one-to-one marketing.
Everyone deserves 
Know not only what your Shoppers buy. Know why they do it. Was it a hot summer’s day or a chilly November morning? Is your Shopper from LA or New York?


Increase Conversion Rate
The conversion rate of customers who engage with personalized recommendations are up to 200% higher. Depending on the size and type of the business, we observe a revenue increase from 5 to 30% after companies start using our recommendation engine.
Automate cross and up sell
Our smart machine learning algorithms save your time by providing automatic product recommendations for each shoppers based on their past and current behavior. You will have the ability to interfere, alter, and recommend products based on your business needs. You can setup product-to-product, category-to-product, or category-to-category campaigns.
Make product discovery painless
Shopping basket values are lower in eCommerce compared to offline retail because customers struggle to find products online. Personalized product recommendations enable painless product discovery. This stimulates close-to-mall spontaneity creating larger and more diverse shopping baskets.
Engage your Shoppers
Shoppers who are engaged by personalized recommendations evaluate up to 3 times more items prior to making a decision. Personalization allows shoppers to consider more options during a shorter time period which leads to faster conversions and more confident customer decisions.
Exploit the power of context
At bitREC we not only know what Shopper clicks or buys. We also know why he does that. Is he from New York or London? Is he a Mac or PC user? Is he a price sensitive or not? We use more than 60 contexts this allows bitREC to accurately predict not only current but also Shoppers future intentions.
Make shopping personal again
Forget one-size-fits all marketing and treat each shopper individually. bitREC’s recommendation engine empowers you to provide a personalized shopping experiences in real time. bitREC tracks a visitor’s behavior and automatically tailors product recommendations based on this information, creating an effortless but personal shopping experience.
Increase Average Order Value (AOV) and basket diversity
Effective product recommendations extend a shoppers understanding of the product. By recommending a case alongside a smartphone, customers are more likely to purchase both even though his initial intention was to only order the phone. This not only increases AOV but also creates value for the customer.
SaaS at its Best
Our stellar R&D team constantly improves our recommendation engine’s algorithms. This provides you with the continual updates – for free.



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