Personalization for VOD, OTT and IPTV

Boost viewer engagement and your revenue
Engaging session-aware video recommendations for VOD, OTT and IPTV service providers.

Key Features

200 data signals analyzed
Recommendations are based on more than 200 viewer-centric data signals: time of the day, session duration, location, weather conditions, device etc.
Every click counts
Recommendations update on every click your viewer makes. Thus are always fresh and engaging.
Constant improvement
Self learning algorithms like wine get better with time as more data on viewer behavior is being collected.
Recommendations everywhere
Place recommendations anywhere: web, mobile, email, push notifications, autoplay or personalized playlists.
Voice-to-speech recognition boosts interest in long tail content by finding similarities of video content.
Easy integration
Start using our service in less than ten minutes with JavaScript integration. REST API alternative is available for deeper integration.
bitREC video recommender is not only cloud based solution. Deployment may be done on your premises also.
No upfront investment A/B test
We offer one month free trial. System is easy to integrate. And we will also set up an A/B test for you to prove the efficiency.



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