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DIY is known for seasonal fluctuations, product lifespan cycles as well as product compatibility challenges. Purchases come through multiple channels thus proper tracking and contextualization is of paramount importance.

bitREC helps DIY retailers to pick even the weakest signals and help the shopper even in most complex DIY projects
When choosing electronics shoppers tend to engage with the retailer multiple times during their product discovery journeys. Products are complicated and require special attention to compatibility. 

bitREC helps retailers to spot current intent of the shopper without forgetting past engagements and finetune recommendations on session level automatically
Most omni-channel vertical of all. Baskets are particularly diverse. Shoppers follow unique replenishment cycles. It is very challenging to introduce new categories as shoppers are loyal to their habits.

bitREC helps retailers to follow individual tastes and buying patterns at scale. Shoppers enjoy faster buying process and lean to trying out new products easier
As with groceries shoppers are loyal to products they buy. Purchases are made in cycles however, certain fluctuations occur with sudden weather changes or localized outbreaks of infectious diseases. 

Our ability to monitor personal preferences and spot even the slightest changes in buying trends helps pharma businesses to stay relevant and personal at the same time
Fast changing trends, seasons, new  products, brands and of course personal preferences have a dramatic effect on shopping habits in sports and outdoors retail.

 Careful tracking of contextualized sales trends and long term personal purchase patterns helps retailers to reach their shoppers with the right offer at exactly the right time


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